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Mobile Cast compliment celebrates 500K recognitions, new update for Cast

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

by Emily Zimmer

Through our mobile Cast compliment feature in the My Disney Experience app, Guests have now submitted more than 500,000 notes of gratitude to Cast Members for going above and beyond to make magic and deliver a great experience.

In addition to celebrating this milestone, we are also excited to share an update that will take each recognition one step further. Compliments submitted through the app and matched to a specific individual will be automatically notated on Cast Members’ record cards. All compliments received since the app feature’s launch in October 2021 will be posted retroactively on the Cast Members’ record cards.

Like before, both Cast Members and their leaders will be notified when a compliment is matched to a Cast Member.

Guests must spell the Cast Member’s first name and hometown correctly to help ensure their compliment gets to the Cast Member being recognized, so as always, be sure your nametag is visible while on stage!

Half a million Cast compliments is an outstanding accomplishment, and we would like to share thanks with all our Cast Members for all the magic you make daily. We look forward to continuing to recognize and celebrate YOU as the heart of the magic here at Walt Disney World throughout the 50th-anniversary celebration and beyond.

You can find more information and resources related to mobile Cast compliment on the HUB.

Published on Walt Disney World's internal site, The Hub.

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