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Global Brand Planning Intern

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

Disney's YellowShoes Agency 

Celebration, FL 

As a Global Strategic Brand Planning Intern with The Walt Disney Companies' internal ad agency, YellowShoes, I work directly with the Global Brand Strategy director on the Planning & Innovation team to connect with consumers through all Disney Parks and Experiences lines of businesses. By doing so, we provide the valuable translation of consumer insights to global campaigns, pitch campaign directions that target consumer motivations, identify universal truths for our campaigns' product, brand, culture, and consumers to act as the baseline for campaign messaging, and provide strategic input to all out-of-home, print, and digital advertising campaigns.

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Walt Disney World Public Affairs, Communications Intern 

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

Lake Buena Vista, FL 

As Walt Disney World's Public Affairs Communication Intern, I contributed to creative and strategic D.E.I and C.S.R communication and content that reached approximately 80,000 Cast Members across Walt Disney World and our Central Florida community, media and Guests. While supporting day-to-day media inquiries, issues/crisis management, and operational and Cast communication across the resort, I primarily focused on driving company-wide D.E.I and C.S.R initiative strategies, improving internal Cast communication processes, and creating content to be used and amplified on multiple Disney-owned channels. 

Social Strategy & Analytics Intern 

Just Drive Media 
Chicago, IL | Remote

As JDM's Social Strategy and Analytics Intern, I helped measure the impact of product launches, global events, social media campaigns, and more on the larger conversations surrounding our clients' renowned brands and developed recommendations for clients on how they can optimize their online presence, specifically on social media. In this internship, I became a key content contributor to booming tech's social media platforms, like Robinhood, Very Good Security, and Optimizley, while providing key insights into their S.E.O. efforts. 

External Communication Intern 

The Clinton Foundation 

Little Rock, AR

As The Clinton Foundations External Communications Intern, I supported the team in developing and executing media strategies, creating content, and drafting communications materials. In this internship, I played a key role in launching three social media platforms for the foundation, innovating, updating, and relaunching the foundation's website, and developing their app which connects to the exhibits at the presidential center.

Strategic Media

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education X AmeriCorps

Little Rock, AR

As the Arkansas Department of Higher Educations Strategic Media Intern, I worked in partnership with EngageAR to amplify the state's AmeriCorps Programs. In this internship, I led the development of a working relationship between ADHE and local news stations to develop PSAs, in which I coordinated, wrote the scripts, and secured media placement, in addition to writing copy for multiple AmeriCorps programs' websites and social platforms. 




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