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Hello, Bonjour!

Emily Zimmer: (NOUN)

1. A fashion-forward, socially driven, strategic communicator.
2. A queen who uplifts others.


Helping brands reach niche audiences with compelling advertising and strategic marketing is what I do. Guiding brands on how to better target their audiences through identifying brand, consumer, product, and culture truths and infusing them into campaign strategy and brand communication initiatives is what I love. As a strategic planner, my specialty is distilling consumer insights into persuasive marketing strategies that capitalize on consumer motivations and universal truths. As a communications specialist, I specialize in reputation management, strategic messaging, securing favorable media placement, content strategy, and S.E.O. to shape the reputation of brands on digital platforms. As a branding consultant, I specialize in developing and evolving seamless, easy-to-use brand kits that include style guides, content templates, and nomenclature in partnership with creatives to ensure content consistency from all brand communication and creative. As a team member or leader, I create an inclusive environment that empowers employees to pitch out-of-the-box, innovative ideas without fear of rejection, but rather with an excitement and wonder for the possibilities of workshopping them to be put into practice to create extraordinary marketing campaigns.


I seek to find ways to reach niche, key audiences effectively. Whether I'm identifying their unique consumer motivations and translating consumer insights into actionable tactics and directions for marketing strategies or crafting key communication to inspire consumers to take action, I am constantly looking to develop innovative solutions that enable stronger consumer engagement, retention, and loyalty through ad campaigns and external communication. As a cusp of Gen Z and Millenials, I have been at the forefront of digital evolution and have identified patterns in successful digital marketing. One being my specialty: gathering consumer data and insights and pinpointing consumer motivations in order inform creative to create penetrating advertising that drives conversions; strategic planning. I conduct deep qualitative and quantitative research and read between the lines to become thoroughly familiar with how an audience - Thinks. Feels. Acts. What they - Buy. Consume digitally. Stand for society. In doing this, I help brand marketing develop an intimate brand connection with consumers that involves empathy, humanity, and relation - directly translating to top-tier brand loyalty and consumption. Strategic planning is my superpower in creating marketing and creative strategies that not only work but reshape how a brand communicates with audiences to achieve EPIC results. 


I am very passionate about one thing: saying things louder for the people in the back. My vision is to be a transparent, empathetic, and on-trend communicator internationally recognized within my industry for my ability to clearly and effectively target typically unreached audiences, connect the dots, and adapt an outside-in mindset for any brand I work with. To make these things happen, I set specific standards for my professional life and only make strategic compromises.  As I progress in my career, I want to learn to project an aura of pure capability to inspire others to work with me and collaborate, providing their unique perspectives to create penetrating, insightful and fully thought-out communication. I wish to create a workplace that constantly questions, "Yes, but why?" as motivation is the key to successful advertising. 


Because I'm not just a strategic planner, cosmopolitan communicator, and master marketer. Getting to know me personally, you will find that I am driven by defeating gender norms and amplifying marginalized/muted voices. I strive every day to be unconditionally authentic and kind. I am a friend above anything else and am proudly a safe space for anyone who may need one. My personal passions lie in graphic design, creative writing, ceramics, European fashion, cosmetic artistry, basketball, and cooking. When offline, you can find me strolling around a farmer's market, indulging in various Asian cuisines, reading murder mysteries, swimming in any beautiful body of water, watching the Chicago Bulls, specifically Zach Lavine, cooking a new, innovative dish, engaging in experiential retail experiences, or karaoke-ing with my best friend, preferably with back-up dancers and special effects at Orlando's hottest karaoke bar - The Rising Star (shameless plug).

Your brand's stories can organically build your reputation and be your greatest sales assets; let me help you tell them in

the best way possible 

XXX ez

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